LATE WINTER 2021 Small Area Movement Program - "South Courtice/Campus"

Perfect Skating Durham

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Program Details:


WEEK OF MARCH 17TH (Wednesday/Thursday AMs:)

Week OF March 22nd for (Monday am/Tuesday's & Wednesday PM) 

April 7th: Thursday pm

April 12th: Monday Pm


-The small area movement program

-10 Hour Detailed SAM on ice Movement sessions

-Complete On-ice Movement Asymmetry Analysis

-Certified, Energetic coaches

-Maximum Quality Repetition and Positive Feedback

-5-1 Player to coach ratio, Maximum 10 players on the ice (Depends on Restrictions)

-Use the method like our 200 NHL Players

-Wear the Gear! Free PS Skating Jerseys & Socks


Monday's-South Courtice Arena: 7 am (Switch to Wednesday's on April 7th)

Monday's: 3:40 pm & 4:40 pm South Courtice (Starting April 7th, 2021) NEW 

Tuesday's-South Courtice Arena: 6:50 am & 8 am program & 4:20pm

Wednesday's- Campus Arena 7 am & 8 am (Switch to Monday's on April 5th)

Wednesday's: 3:10-4:10 pm & 4:10-5:10 pm South Courtice 

Thursday's- South Courtice 6:50 am & 8 am


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